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video streaming system
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What is SnookerON Scoreboard System and what do you get with it?

SnookerON Scoreboard System is complete solution for writing scores during a snooker match and has automatic process of starting and ending a live streaming video with score layer over it


It contains pre-configured hardware and software, installed on a custom 10" touchscreen PC mounted in a unique design box with sound speaker and metal holders, and another micro PC with integrated HD camera and ceiling wall metal holder. Both work on WiFi. It also contains 1 x "Marker Version" and 1 x "Referee Version" bluetooth remote controllers.


The system can be used by typing directly on the touchscreen or through the remote controllers.


With this complete digital solution players can have 100% control of their scored points during a match, while streaming live scores and live video of it. The scoreboard interface and remote controlers are user-friendly and can be learned very easy, without even using the user's manual.


Details for ongoing break, all previous scored points, fouls made, freeball pots, and more, are features that this scoreboard offers for the first time in the world. With the referee talking voice feature, which is 100% automatic, players can just focus on their game without talking to each other or counting loud their points. Just play snooker and enjoy virtual referee speaking to you!




What the system requires?



Strong and stable wireless internet connection
(2.5 Mbps / Table)


2 x Power supply sockets (220V or 110V)

• Touchscreen Scoreboard (Plastic box with metal mount, easy to install)

• Speaker for voice feature is equipped in the box

• Voice feature - talking referee, same as real referee (English only)

• Match time, frame time, break time and shot time counters

• Automatic live score streaming at

• Automatic live video streaming on YouTube through

• Club or Organisation listing at on home page and Clubs page

• Save Match option for ranking statistics, like highest breaks and number of win/lose matches

• Player's profile registration directly on the scoreboard
(players also can register on

• Pin code protected login for players, so no one can use their account to destroy their statistics

• HD Camera in micro PC box, easy to install

• 3 x Bluetooth Remote Controllers (2 x Marker and 1 x Referee version)

• Statistics for Players by Matches, Tournaments, Clubs, Organisations, comparing head to head matches, and more...

• 1 year subscription for playing and saving unlimited matches


(1 Year Subscription is Included)



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